The wait continues. I check the post office’s tracker every day and see that the consignment with my passport keeps getting stuck. For 2 days now, the shipment seems to be in Holland. By now it’s Thursday and it should already be here. I call a service number and am told that the roof of a logistics centre has collapsed. That’s why the delay. My consignment is intact and is now at Frankfurt Airport. But the union is on strike there and the consignment cannot be loaded onto the flight to Kiev. Instead, a lorry is sent to the Ukraine.
My problem is that although the visa has a 3-month validity, it was interpreted and noted in the passport that the 3 months starts with the issuing of the invitation by the Russian Olympic Committee. That was 4 weeks ago now and it means that I only have 60 days left for the 10,000 kilometres of Russia in winter instead of 90. I am running out of time.