Cape to Cape Challenge

18.000km in 75 days

jonas deichmann cape to cape route Jonas Deichmann Adventures

On 8th September 2019, I set off at Cape North in Norway to cycle 18.000 km to Cape Town at the Southern end of Africa. I started together with an other photographer and ultracyclist, riding completely unsupported and pushing to arrive in less than 75 days.

After facing Russian highways, terrible weather, police harrasment but also amazing hospitality together, my partner decided not to continue after severe foodpoisoning in Egypt. I continued alone through Sahara and East Africa overcoming foodpoisoning, violent conflicts and the extreme conditions of Africa. Despite the hardship I also lived through an amzing adventure with friendly people, the vastness of the desert and beautiful wildlife encounters. I reached Cape Town after 72 days – 30 days faster than the prior record.

jonas deichmann buch cape to cape Jonas Deichmann Adventures

Book about my Cape to Cape Challenge (in German)

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