Good partners are the key to success in anything

Planning and the right equipment are at the base of any successful expedition. I’m proud to partner with world class companies that make my adventures possible.

Want to become a partner? Please send an e-mail.

Main Partners

Risk is always a part of my expeditions in extreme conditions. I am happy to have as my partner to be insured and minimize my risk exposure.

On my expediditions I need to be fast and endure challenging road conditions in very remote parts of the world. I trust the great speed and reliability of Schwalbe tyres to reach my goals.

Navigation is a key component during expeditions in the wilderness. I am relying on komoot to always find my way.

To set world records and reach my peak performance I need the right data to rely on. With Wahoo I Always have the best information and route navigation.

All my adventures are unsupported and I need to carry everything in rough conditions. ORTLIEB provides me with light and waterproof bikepacking gear that simply works.

During my adventures I always want the perfect view in any kind of condition and am happy to have Briko as my eyewear and helmet partner.

Ryzon is my clothing Partner. Their kits are stylish and give me the comfort for enduring adventures in any condition.

Numbness and comfort on my hands have been a big issue during long distance rides. Chiba gloves increase my comfort and make long distance rides more enjoyable.

During my cycling challenges I often push into the night. With Supernova lights I always have a bright view and am never in the darkness.

Reliability and speed are key during my expeditions. FULCRUM is well known for their strong and leightweight wheels and I am using them during my adventures.

Other Partners

During my Thriathlon around the world I will be swimming hundreds of kilometers in open water. Happy to have Sailfish as a strong wetsuit and Swimming Partner for my expedition

For my cycling adventures I need a bike that is fast, comfortable and resistant to any kind of conditions. I am very proud to partner with CURVE CYCLING  and use their bikes for my expeditions.

My love for adventure goes back to my childhood and I spent most of my free time adventuring and exploring nature. The Deutscher Alpenverein – Sektion Greiz is Germany’s most prestiged adventure organisation.

“I spend most of the year outdoors, camping in the wild. Sea to Summit is my gear partner and provides warm and ultralightweight camping Equipment for any condition.”

Most of my adventures go through remote and rough parts of the world. Durability and reliability in any situation are key. Shimano is my partner for bike parts, shoes and pedals.

In order to be non-stop in the saddle for months, I need the right equipment, bikefitting and logistics. Paul Lange & Co. support me with a wide range of bike parts and bike maintenance.

To run unsupported across the US, I need the best solution to carry my luggage for 120 times Marathon. Very excited to use a highend KidRunner for my challenge.

During my adventures I film in the most extremly conditions and trust on GoPro cameras.