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Good partners are the key to success in anything

Planning and the right equipment are at the base of any successful expedition. I’m proud to partner with world class companies that make my adventures possible.

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Main partner

190204 GT LOGO GREEN SIDE Jonas Deichmann Adventures

I spend most of my life outside exploring the beauty of our world. Whatever gear I need, Globetrotter always has the best for my next adventure.

Shimano Jonas Deichmann Adventures

Most of my adventures go through remote and rough parts of the world. Durability and reliability in any situation are key. Shimano is my partner for bike parts, shoes and pedals.


Element Jonas Deichmann Adventures

“The mindset determines success during adventures and in business. I am proud to have – Corporate Development as my main partner and together we leverage our expertise on leadership transformation and strategy”

Hoka FlyHumanFly Tagline Page 03 2 scaled Jonas Deichmann Adventures

” Comfort and the perfect shoes are essential for running very long distances. With HOKA I have the perfect pair for every condition.”

logo scott black Jonas Deichmann Adventures

Cycling is a way of life for me and my bicycle is the most important thing I own. Happy to rely on Scott wherever the route takes me.

Turck Stand alone Claim 2015 CMYK Jonas Deichmann Adventures

“Being efficient with limited resources is a key challenge during my adventures. I am proud to have the global automation leader TURCK as my partner”

SCHWALBE reversed Jonas Deichmann Adventures

On my expediditions I need to be fast and endure challenging road conditions in very remote parts of the world. I trust the great speed and reliability of Schwalbe tyres to reach my goals.

Komoot zuschnittt Jonas Deichmann Adventures

Navigation is a key component during expeditions in the wilderness. I am relying on komoot to always find my way.

GOPR3538 1527012471317 high preview zuschnitt Jonas Deichmann Adventures

To set world records and reach my peak performance I need the right data to rely on. With Wahoo I Always have the best information and route navigation.

Ortlieb unterlegt Jonas Deichmann Adventures

All my adventures are unsupported and I need to carry everything in rough conditions. ORTLIEB provides me with light and waterproof bikepacking gear that simply works.

Ryzon unterlegt Jonas Deichmann Adventures

Ryzon is my clothing Partner. Their kits are stylish and give me the comfort for enduring adventures in any condition.

Lightwieght 1fc015bf686f30fb7b17ee5e291c72fd 1 Jonas Deichmann Adventures

Reliability and speed are key during my expeditions. Lightweight is well known for their strong and light wheels and I am using them during my adventures.

AthleticGreens Logo R DKGreen 2 Jonas Deichmann Adventures

“Having a balanced nutrition is crucial for my challenges and difficult to achieve on the road. Athletic Greens supports my daily needs and makes me feel better on and off the bike.”

Paul lange Jonas Deichmann Adventures

In order to be non-stop in the saddle for months, I need the right equipment, bikefitting and logistics. Paul Lange & Co. support me with a wide range of bike parts and bike maintenance.

Jonas Deichmann Adventures

During my cycling challenges I often push into the night. With Supernova lights I always have a bright view and am never in the darkness.

ERG Logo 2020 BLACK CMYK 002 Jonas Deichmann Adventures

” A comfortable saddle is one of the most important bikeparts for and endurance cyclist. With the Ergon SR Allroad Core I always feel good.”

jonas deichmann partners dav Jonas Deichmann Adventures

My love for adventure goes back to my childhood and I spent most of my free time adventuring and exploring nature. The Deutscher Alpenverein – Sektion Greiz is Germany’s most prestiged adventure organisation.

Soto Jonas Deichmann Adventures

With the SOTO outdoor stove, I have found a device that is as small and light as can be, while producing great heat extremely quickly. Just the thing for me.

Logo Siddy PNG Zuschnitt Jonas Deichmann Adventures

To ensure that construction projects don’t turn into adventures, it’s all about reliable partners and high-quality materials.
I am glad to have my brother on board as partner.