Triathlon 360 degree

Circumnavigating the world in triathlon discipline

I will start my next next record breaking challenge this summer: the longest triathlon, from Munich to Munich via the world. During my challenge will cover the distance of 120-Ironman’s (roughly 40.000 kilometers) – with a minimal CO2 footprint.

Starting in Munich I will cycle to Croatia. From there I will swim 456 kilometers along the coast towards Montengro. Back on the bike I’ll cross Europe and Asia until hitting the Chinese coast where I’ll be jumping onto a sailing boat across the Pacific Ocean to San Franciso. The next stage will be running 5040 kilometers across North America to New York. On board of a sailing boat I’ll then cross the Atlantic ocean to Lisbon and finally cycling back to Munich, where I set off around 10 months before.

View the official press release (PDF)