Hello Georgia. Heavy climbing today as we crossed the Caucasus.  Loved every pedalstroke through this beautiful mountain landscape. We are eager to get to the mountains. Its a three hour ride to the border. There is a huge line of trucks for 30 km. There are several conflict areas around us and every truck is meticolously searched. For us cyclists though the border crossing is smooth and fast. On the other side we meet Pasi who will be filming us for the day.the road immediately climbs and we get spectacular views of 5.000 meter peaks. At noon we reach the first big pass at 2.400 meters and head down into a long valley. People are super friendly and the food is tasty. In the evening there comes another very steep climb and a bad surprise as the road is under construction for 30 km. It slows us Down a lot and we reach the village late in the evening for some tasty Patchabury. Enjoyed wvery Single pedalstroke after the flatlands before.