After a bad night in the park I walk around the big ferry terminal in Friedrichshafen and go into the water at the quay wall.  Suddenly 2 waiters come and ask if I can get you two chairs from the lake. Drunk people apparently threw them over the railing last night. As a reward I get invited for coffee and croissants and start a little later.  The first 5 kilometres are going well until suddenly strong wind from the front and waves appear.  The raft keeps pulling me backwards and I hardly make any progress. After a break I swim on in the afternoon, but only very slowly. After 10 kilometres I reach a beautiful island and spend the night there. I would have been able to swim a little further, but then I couldn’t find a place to sleep in the city.
I have now learned that headwind on the water is much heavier than on the bike and I will start earlier tomorrow.