Philipp wakes up with food poisoning.  We ride out of the village and immediately into the Sahara. He feels weak but we continue riding as we want to get to Aswan before noon. After two hours we stop at the hut of a local tribesman. He gives us water and Philipp rests in the shaddow. He feels to weak to continue riding and goes per Taxi to Aswan into a hospital. I ride to Aswan in the heat at noon and struggle heavily. I drink 4 Liter on 60 km and go to the hospital to catch Philipp.  Unfortunedly, the police has come to the hospital and worries too much about tourists. No one has taken care of Philipp and the only thing the police wants is that I sign a paper stating that they have behaved ok. I bring Philipp to a hotel where we get some rest. We marked the position where he took the cap on GPS so he can take a taxi back and continue riding from there. Food poisoning takes 2-3 days to recover and we are going to a remote part of the sahara.  Rest days are not possible as body and mind will shut down.  Tough days ahead.