One of the worst days ever on my bike. Philipp decided to scratch in the morning. He is phisically feeling better but the prospect of crossing the Sahara made his decision after he had been suffering from day 2 on. I had out into the Sahara alone. After running low on water and suffering from dehydration, I accept Nile water from a tribesman. I get quickly stomach problems and suffer heavily all afternoon in the merciless desert. After 230 km I get stopped by police at a Checkpoint. I want to continue riding to Argen at the Sudanese border but they make me stay and pitch my tent at the Checkpoint. There is no food and I havent eaten all day and its loud as they are shouting around and have their radio transmitter on. Sleeping impossible. While I can go to toilet etc. there is always someone following me. When I walk 2 meters in a different direction immediately someone shouts “stop”. Effectively I feel like a prisoner.
100 km to Sudan and I am so looking forward to crossing that border.