Still in the dark the miners make breakfast. Tea and a few dry cookies but their hospitality is incredible. I make good progress until noon when the wind suddenly changes directions and comes at full speed from the front. It feels like I am riding with 12 kmh in an oven against a hairdryer. It sucks out my energy within minutes and I realize that I may get into a serious situation. I got the information that there is a little cafe ahead and make it with my last energy. I am completely knocked out and rest on the floor for two hours before continuing when the wind gets less. I feel absolutely miserable with stomach issues and not having eaten nothing but push through the night to get out of this remote strech of the Sahara quickly. Despite my suffering the night ride is incredible. Its full moon and the desert finally seems peaceful. After a few hours I get to a police checkpoint and they invite me to sleep there on a bed under the stars. The invitation isnt Egyptian police style but simply a kind gesture and I gladly accept. 260 km in the end after yesterdays 190. I am surprised by it after how I felt at noon.