I wake up before my alarm since a sandstorm hits the restaurant which is just a shed. Sand gets absolutely everywhere. After the sandstorm it starts to rain. Just a few minutes but the locals are all happily running around, its a big gift for them. At sunrise I set off into the headwind. Quickly I realize that the landscape is changing. There are a few trees and bushes around and then the first farms. I am getting near to the end of the Sahara. I feel better today but still weak due to the lack of food the past days. Lost a few kg and my jersey is already moving in the wind. In the evening I get into the capital Khartoum. There have been barely any cars so far in Sudan and now arrive in chaos. Takes me 90 minutes into town until I find a decent hotel with an Indian restaurant where I eat three plates. I am out of the desert now and will speed up again.