I wake up feeling very ill again but get on the bike at sunrise. I immediately start a long climb up to 2.600 meters. People are now very nice and simply greet me including the children. I feel completely out of energy and climb very slow. Its so hard to find any food to eat on the bike that I am in a calorie deficit since Egypt. The climbing continues in the afternoon but now also with constant attacks and thrown rocks by the children. When I reach a small town Felege Birhan there are children coming from all sides screaming for money. I need to stop to buy water but the shopowner asks for five times its value while the first kids are already trying to open my bags. I leave quickly and stop 100 meters further with the same result. I had enough and leave the village thirsty. I ride into the dark and almost collide with a donkey thats crossing the road. Luckily, I find hotel soon and they even have Spaghetti on the menu.