I set off at sunrise and reach after one hour Zigay. There are demonstrations everywhere and no one can explain why. I make my way through but in the outskirts of the city the road is blocked by car tyres and stones. There is smoke and a bit mob of a few hundred people comes running towards me. I turn around a retreat to the next hotel. The whole day I cant leave the hotel. Everything in the city has shut down. There are road baricades and mobs with sticks and stones are running through the street. Apparently a political activist from the region has been detained by the police which caused demonstrations in entire region. Others say that he was not detained but simply said so to cause violence. At night the action is still ongoing and I am happy to be in the hotel behind closed gates. The mob has turned violent and eager to destroy things while the army from Addis Abbaba has arrived trying to resolve the situation. There is no alternative route for me and I have 400 km more in this region. No idea what tomorrow brings and if I can cycle.