When I wake up it looks like things have calmed down and also the hotel owner says I can go. After 50 km I reach Shashamane and the entire city is blocked. Burning truck tyres, barriers made of rocks and trees, heavy military presence and mobs running around with sticks. All shops and restaurants are closed and I struggle to find a safe place. In the center a mob gets aggressive and their attention quickly shifts towards me. Luckily there are some locals that form a circle around me and bring me to a gated restaurant which quickly lets me in. After an hour there is an opportunity to leave and I quickly ride out. 30 easy km later I hit a 70 km gravel section due to road construction. Children constantly throw stones at me and insult me. They all shout “China” or “Ali Baba”, its obvious who is the economic powerhouse in the region. After 200 km I find a hotel just when it gets dark. Very happy with that but again missing my daily target. Looking forward to Kenya and easier conditions.