I start at 7 in the rain and make good progress.  The wind forecast indicates strong headwind from noon on and I accelerate. The first 9 kilometres go well, always along the lonely and spectacular south shore.  Here there is a deep break-off edge and I usually don’t see the reason.  At noon the wind and the waves come and I hardly make any progress. The last kilometres to Bodman are extremely hard with partly current and strong wind.  In Bodman I get out of the water and change to the bike. My father and some cyclists wait and accompany me on the first 35 kilometres to get warm. I am happy to be with my paradise discipline now and my body can recover a little.  It was a very good test for the big triathlon in September and I will make some adjustments. But the most important thing: If you can swim 70 kilometers, you can swim 460 kilometers, it just takes a bit longer.