After a nice breakfast I head to the border and quickly get through Ethiopian Immigration on the Kenyan side the officers are having a longer breakfast and open with 40 minutes delay. When I am finally across I immediately see that Kenya is much more developed. Roads are good and there is a bit of choice at the shops. After 40 km my cameraman Pasi and his driver Solomon meet me. They had set off from Nairobi the day before and will film my ride through Kenya. Off course without supporting me in any way. This is the wild and sparsely populated north of Kenya. Big distances between villages but there are always a few cattle herders around. This part of kenya had been very dangerous a few years ago but now there are police checkpoints everywhere. In the evening there is a 30 km climb onto a plateau and not knowing it I get far into the dark. There are eyes in the dark and noises of wild animals around, a great experience climbing under the African sky. In the outskirts of Marsabit I get stopped at a police checkpoint. They ask me if I carry a gun for protection, apparently there are hyenas and elephants around. Well, the sounds seemed a bit different afterwards.