I reach the crossing shortly after sunrise. There are more people around who confirm 400 km of gravel and the alternative route is 230km detour. In Europe I would have taken the gravel but with the next bikeshop 3.000 km away I opt for the safer choice. Now I have it under control and will push hard to regain the time. As I now turn west, I face a force headwind and push all day with 17/18 kmh. At noon the wind becomes so strong that the dust is blown everywhere and riding becomes super tough. I reach the capital Dodoma in the late afternoon and am surprised how pleasant it is. Few cars, good roads and simply not the chaos I expected. I ride for another 30 km and find a hotel at sunset. Bad day for the record but brighter days are coming as I am approaching high-speed Zambia with flat roads and prevailing tailwind.