A bit later start than usual as the border opens at 6am. There is a big line of Zambians waiting but the officer waves me ahead. I feel a bit bad about that privilege but take it. Immigration goes very smooth and I cross the mighty Sambezi river into Botswana. I immediately notice that it is not a developing country. Roads are good, there are shopping centers and modern gas stations. All packages food is imported from South Africa and there is big choice, such an improvement after struggling in most of Africa with food. Shortly after the border town Kasane I enter an area of 300 km that is famos for its wild animals. Monkeys run around and I see a few elephants between the trees. Its not a place for wildcamping and I planned to reach Nata before dark. In the afternoon a heavy thunderstorm and strong headwind comes and makes this target impossible. Just before it gets dark there are several groups of elephants crossing the road and I get worried where I will sleep tonight. With the last bit of light I reach a police checkpoint and they let me sleep inside. At night an elephant comes into the camp and a lion eats one of the dogs…I am happy to be inside.