A late start at 7:30 since we are tried from the late arrival and dont want to miss the hotel breakfast. The first 40 km go along a small road with one road construction after another. Constant stop and go and gravel. However, once we reach the main road we get perfect conditions. Smooth tarmac, sunny 15 degrees and a stro g tailwind that pushes us with 40 kmh towards St. Petersburg. I was concerned about the City crossing but it turns out to be super easy. Careful drivers, smooth roads and good cycling passes. This is definetely different from the cities I know from crossing Siberia two years ago. On the way out of St. Petersburg we quickly stop at the Office of my Tool sponsor the Hoffmann Group. They have prepared a great receptionand 20 people came on a saturday evening. Thanks!
We still continue riding another 60 km and stop at a hotel. Looking for food we get dragged into a birthday party. Russian really now how to celebrate but after an hour we say goodbye to get some much needed sleep.