I wake up at 3 am and feel incredibly cold. My tent is frozen and the phone tells me that it is minus 5 degrees. However, with the wind this feels much colder. I don’t carry winter gear, so this is far below my comfort zone. I get onto the bike to get warm. It takes three hours until I finally feel comfortable. Thanks to the early start I make good progress and reach the city of Rio Gallegos at noon. Now the road turns into the wind that blows as relentless as ever. It takes me four hours to cycle the 60 km to the border. The road actually goes into Chile and tomorrow back into Argentina. In the evening the wind slows down and I reach the ferry at sunset to cross over to the island of Tierra del Fuego. On the other side I find a sheltered sleeping spot. Only 480 km to go and an estimated time of arrival on Saturday morning.