What is the most important resource you have? It’s time, we all have a definite number of years, months and days on this planet. I always wonder if people forget that as most of us got stuck into their daily routine and never followed the dreams they once had.
Why is it so difficult to follow your dreams? I think it is fear, fear of going out of your comfort zone, fear of failure and fear of loosing the opportunities we have now.

I have done a lot of things were I had no idea if they would work out. Some did and I had a wonderful time, other ideas turned out to be just stupid and resulted in some kind of short term trouble. But I don’t regret any of these, I regret only the things I wanted to do but never even tried. Failure is part of a fulfilling life and through failure you learn and eventually improve.
Getting out of your comfort zone can be overwhelming at the beginning but once you fully accept it, it becomes an amazing experience of learning, personal growth and fulfillment.
When you follow your passion, new opportunities arise. In life everything is about sales, selling a product, an idea or a project, selling your suitability to a potential spouse, friend or landlord. We all sell something many times every day. And when it comes to selling something, there is nothing more successful than a passionate person that believes in what she does.

So, how to make sure that you follow your dreams? Reflect about the things you really want to do and write them down. Writing them down helps you committing to it and reminds you of them when the daily routine has taken control. Make it a habit to do at least one of them every year. My own bucket list comprises ten things that I want to do at some point. If I don’t want to do them anymore in the future that is fine, they simply reflect my dreams at one point in time. I had my first bucket list 10 years ago and cycling the Panamerica is the last remaining point from my original list. Of course I now have a new one.

Naturally mine is rather an adventure bucket list and I’m sharing a few of my dreams that I will pursue in the future:

1) Cycling around the world very fast.

I’m an endurance cyclist, so naturally that’s something I want to do at some point.

2) Cycling around the world very slow.

When racing unsupported I still see a lot of the world but pass many places were I would like to stay longer and explore this journey should be open end and just takes as long as it takes. Probably something I won’t do now when I’m still young and strong.

3) Sailing around the world.

Seeing the world from the ocean is just very different than by land. It also gives me a sense of freedom to be on the ocean. Also something open end.

4) Running across Africa.

A continent full of adventure. And somehow I have the feeling that I would rather run it than cycle it.

5) Living 100 days on a remote, deserted island.

Guess what my favorite book is? This is about the mental experience and I want to do it Robinson Crusoe style.

6) Kayaking the Amazon river.

Thousands of kilometers of unspoiled wilderness and mebin the middle of it in a tiny kayak. Exciting :)

7) Climbing an 8.000 meter mountain.

I love the view from a mountain top and want to conquer a very high one. Just any 8.000 meter mountain or 7.900 is also fine, it’s not about the number.

8) Making it to the South Pole.

Crossing Antarctica will be so completely different from anything I have done before. I’m unsure if I prefer skies, a fatbike or a kite but it should be unmotorized.

Why are two things missing? They are top secret as they are world firsts. In fact I’m pursuing one of them next year :)