How, why and where?

I have been asked a lot of questions about adventuring, financing trips and motivation. Here are a few of the most common questions.

What do you eat during a challenge?2019-06-14T16:32:54+02:00

Ideally pasta and protein bars, in practice whatever I find next to the road. Quiet often that means cookies and chocolate.

Do you use Strava?2020-03-30T15:19:43+02:00

No, I use komoot to plan and record my adventures. However, due to battery limitations during long adventures in the wild I may not record everything. During world records I use a satellite GPS which you always find on my website.

How do you charge your batteries while you are on an expedition?2019-06-14T16:32:54+02:00

I usually carry a small power bank to charge phone, GoPro, bike computer and lights. I mostly turn them off and charge whenever I am in restaurants. This keeps me going for a few days

How do you find sponsors?2019-06-14T16:32:54+02:00

I have long-term relationships with most of my sponsors that take time to develop. it is very unlikely to get any paid sponsorship for your first major adventure. So, do a big thing and then ask companies to help for the next big thing not the other way around. Sponsorship is also not a charity, so think in terms of what you can do for the potential sponsor. Be creative if you don´t have a big reach, you might be able to help with blogposts, products testing or sth. similar.

Do you have an equipment list?2020-03-30T15:20:25+02:00

Yes, please check my YouTube page. I am posting my equipment list there before every major expedition.

How do you take your pictures?2019-06-14T16:32:54+02:00

On most journeys I am alone, carrying a GoPro and a Selfie Stick. I mostly use the Gopro in time lapse mode and connect it with an App to choose the best pictures.

On a few adventures I am followed by a film crew / photographer who takes the pictures. All pictures that are not from me are credited on social media, so you can always see how this picture was taken.

What is your next adventure?2020-03-30T15:21:19+02:00

Triathlon 360 Degree – 120-times Ironman distance around the world…and a few more adventures on the way.

What are your plans for the future?2019-06-14T16:32:54+02:00

I have a few big adventures that I still want to do when I am young like running across a continent, rowing across an ocean and skiing to the South Pole. My ultimate adventure would be a human powered circumnavigation of the globe which means rowing across the oceans and running/cycling the continents. When I’m old I might live on a boat and sail the world but who knows, I actually enjoy not knowing what lies ahead.

How do you plan your adventures and navigate?2020-03-30T15:22:11+02:00

Going on an adventure in a wild part of the world is a big logistical challenge. Usually, I have a predetermined route that I calculated with komoot. However, I know that a lot of things can go wrong so my plans are always flexible.


How do you find enough water and food when you are alone in remote and hostile regions?2019-06-14T16:32:54+02:00

I go quite fast, so I still find a place to buy food every few days. The only time I really struggled was in Siberia as distances between villages were massive. Water is never a problem since I drink from rivers and lakes which I find almost everywhere. When I am not on a record quest I also like to look for my food in the forest.

How do you finance your adventures?2019-06-14T16:32:54+02:00

One of the questions I get most of the time. I do have sponsors and other sources of income. Finding sponsors is difficult and I recommend only trying this if you have a successful track record and a strong network. Asking around for free stuff is not really worth the effort.

That being said, going on a big adventure is very cheap. I always sleep in a tent and cook my own food. During my two year world cycle I spent less than 10€ a day and had an awesome time. You will be surprised how little you need to be happy.

How do you motivate yourself when it is tough?2019-06-14T16:32:54+02:00

The most important thing is knowing why I do it and really want it. During miserable times I ask myself if I would rather be somewhere else and the answer is no. I am lucky that I can follow my dreams and feeling miserable is sometimes a part of my dreams. The pain and suffering is only temporary but the memories of a great adventure stay. Stupid life choices some might say.

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