The condition of my trailer is getting worse and worse. After Dolores I ordered a set of new wheels, but the material is not really suitable for my needs. Over Lizard Head Pass there is still a paved road, but the 3500m high Ophir Pass is completely gravel with 20-25% steep ramps. At the top of the pass we get caught in a freezing rain and hurry to the western town of Silverton. The next day comes with the 3500m high Cinnemon Pass the king stage. My trailer falls apart and has to be left behind. Until Pueblo I have to carry my luggage in my backpack. To the next town we are 5 days in the wilderness with further 30000m passes until we reach a plateau in Saguache. At the Mineral Hot Springs near Villa Grove we spend one night in a tipi before my father and Martin leave me again.