Today and tomorrow Charlie joins me and we even have place to stay. Monclova is 300 km away and his family invited us so we set off at 6:30 into a strong headwind. The first 100 km are in a small road without traffic. After two hours we are overtaking by a pickup that then stops 100 meters further. Charlie gets nervous and tells me whatever happens don’t stop, this is border region. Turns out it was the father of one of his friends and he gave us some fresh lemonade and food. In the afternoon we reach the federal highway. There is barely any traffic, a big shoulder and apparently it is very safe. We push hard ( of course I don’t use his windshadow) but due to the headwind we only make it to Monclova at night. Luckily around 15 cyclists, newspaper and police escort wait outside the city to join for the last 30 km.