Last night I had to spend my last dollars for the hotel. Unfortunately, there is no bank around and credit card is nowhere accepted. After 80 km I come to the first town with a bank. There is a line of around 50 people waiting and when I’m half done the bank is closed as they are out of money. I continue hungry but luckily a man has pity with me and gives me sth. to eat. With the food I manage it to La Liberdad. The first two ATM ‘s are out of service but at the third one I get money and then some food. I already felt very weak but now it goes better and I continue. I don’t make it to the town I had planned before sunset and just when I get worried, I find a cooperative in the middle of the jungle who invite me to sleep there. Turns out they are ex guerrilla fighters from the FARC and founded the cooperative to finally get their peace. Usually, it is me who tells the crazy stories but this night it is different.