On the outskirts of Vladivostok, 2 cyclists are waiting to accompany us the last 15 kilometres into the city centre. It’s a spectacular ride over the Golden Horn Bridge, from where you can see the large military and industrial harbour below you.
At the same place in front of the theatre where I arrived 4 years ago, about 10 people from the cycling community are waiting, most of whom I still know. The same host as last time invites me to his place again. We spend the evening with a small celebration.

The passage through Russia in the beginning of spring was an adventure, but with a few easy days and I am very happy to be here now and that it is slowly getting warm. I will use the days here to rest a little and look for a sailing ship for the Pacific crossing. Markus and the film crew are here for another 2 days. We do some sightseeing during the day and go to a banya, a Russian sauna, in the evening. It’s a bit hotter than in Germany. You’re in it for a shorter time and then you get whipped with twigs. Then you jump into the sea, which is currently 9.4 degrees.