On small mountain roads I ride in perfect conditions in the hinterland around Izmir.
In the meantime it has become warmer and I cover 120 – 160 kilometers a day. Is not very much, but is also the wrong direction.
Christmas I camp in an olive grove near Bodrum. Turkey is a Muslim country where Christmas is not celebrated, of course. So Christmas is a bit different for me as well.
I drive around Bodrum, where I meet another triathlete. I had sent him a package 4 weeks ago, which is still stuck in Turkish customs. Bodrum itself is too touristy for me, but south of it it gets really nice. Small dream roads, always directly along the sea.
Next to the road, through an olive grove down to the sea, I find a lonely beach where I make a fire and spend the night.
Now I am stuck again. Continuous rain. And my situation is not very motivating either.
The new Corona mutation makes it even more difficult to travel and as long as that doesn’t change. I am in in good hands here. There will soon be another 4-day lockdown here, which will ensure empty streets on which I may move as a tourist.