In the morning of day 7 I jump off the quay wall in Kalobag and swim south along the coast line. The water is crystal clear, but wind and current are against me. I only manage 8-10 kilometers per day and already after the 2nd day I have to get out of the water for 2 days to ride out a storm. When I am finally back in the water, I dare to cross the channel, 5 kilometers over to the island of Pag, where I finally find a supermarket in a village. I have eaten too little and a cut on my foot, which does not heal in the salt water.
The next day I drift with a strong tail wind and current, in high waves through the small islands towards the island of Vir. The waves become dangerous and I go ashore.
The next day I have a strong tail wind until noon, which I use to pass Vir and get back to the mainland coast, where there are finally again villages with restaurants and stores. I stay in the water for 9 hours and manage 16 kilometers thanks to the friendly wind. The next day I reach the city of Zadar, where I treat myself to a restaurant and a hotel.
On the 14th day I have to bypass the big industrial port of Zadar, because the ships cannot see me in the waves and are much faster than I can swim. I swim until Sukošan, where I have to take another rest day, because bad weather is predicted for