I spend the 14th day in a small apartment, where I use the rainy day to rest.

The next morning I go into the water with a light tailwind. In two days I want to be in Biograd, where I have an invitation to visit friends I met here last year. Shortly before Biograd I feel offshore current and suddenly I experience a moment of shock when I realize that I am drifting away from the land and I can hardly get against the current. Five kilometers off the coast there would be an island in case of emergency, but I definitely don’t want to go there. After ten minutes full speed ahead I manage to get out of the current and swim close to the shore for the rest of the day.

Two difficult days with headwind follow, on which I only manage seven and three kilometers, but the infrastructure on the coast is finally good and the weather changes. The next days I expect best conditions. It is getting warmer, 18 degrees, and the wind stays constant on north – tail wind.
I make very good progress, but now I have to make some longer crossings of several kilometers from island to island.
I pass the channel in the little town of Tisno and now I have to accelerate to meet my father and Markus Weinberg on Saturday evening. When I go ashore on Zlarin, it is already dawning. I take a path over a hilly headland and come to the bay where Markus and my father are anchored with a sailing yacht.
The next morning I go back to the starting point and another six kilometer crossing follows. Very unpleasant so far from the shore, because in this area I can never be sure if the wind will suddenly change or if there will be a current. Good thing is that there are only a few ships on the way at this time of year.
Despite the wind in the afternoon, I manage to cover almost 12 kilometers again and have now completed the first third of the swim.