The weather in this area is cold and wet in winter and no better in spring. The temperature is around zero degrees with constant rain or sleet. The distances are up to 150 kilometres without a petrol station or restaurant or even a single house.
Someone tells me that in Soviet times there was an army base in Mogocha, which is said to have been extremely unpopular because of the weather. The saying “God created Sochi and the devil created Mogocha” dates from that time. Four years ago, during my Eurasia record, I had the most serious crisis right here. It was August and I was wearing shorts when it started snowing here. At the turnoff to Mogocha, I came to a small restaurant completely frozen and the old lady behind the counter already wanted to call an ambulance. I wasn’t even able to pay because my fingers were too clammy to count the money. The lady gave me food and drink and hung my clothes out to dry. This time it’s not quite as bad because I’m better equipped, but again I get to this very restaurant frozen through and am taken care of again and can spend the night in a small room behind the restaurant.