I have been pain-free for 3 days. I run 43 – 45 kilometres a day without complaint. I have also increased the pace a bit. I now run about 7 kilometres/hour. Slowly it is getting hot. I start early in the morning, take a long lunch break and run again in the afternoon.
In the evening, one day after Ensenada, when I have chosen a campsite a little off the road in the bushes, I notice a rattlesnake and put up the tent 20 metres away as a precaution.
I enter the valley of San Quintin, the agricultural area of Baia California. There is now no hard shoulder on the only road and the traffic is heavier. The car drivers, and even the truck drivers, are considerate. They stop behind me and overtake only when the road is clear. Not a bit aggressive, but friendly greetings and cheers. I have never experienced that before.
A local radio station has posted my respective position on its website. Every few minutes a car stops to take selfies. I get more food and drink than I can use. I am very happy, but also get out of rhythm because of the constant stops.
I feel good. I have no complaints. The trailer runs well as long as it is flat. Uphill or downhill it gets difficult. Now I have 30 kilometres to the last village before the desert.