Best conditions this week – 18-22° C warm, sun, in the afternoon mistral with light tailwind and little swell. Today I had my first unpleasant encounters with jellyfish swimming in my face. My full beard protects me a little bit, but the touches on my forehead and cheek burn intensely.
My father, Markus and 3 other guests are accompanying me the whole week by sailing yacht or dinghy to shoot for the new documentary about TRIATHLON 360DEGREE.
I still swim along the coast, but it is not straight. Therefore I have to make crossings of several kilometers from headland to headland again and again.
Today, after 200 kilometers, I broke the previous world record of the British Sean Conway for the longest swim distance he ever swam without support along the British coast. At the moment I have not yet completed half of my swim distance.
My wounds, which I got in the first two weeks of swimming, have now healed to a tolerable level. Instead, my mouth and throat have become inflamed by the much salt water. I cannot eat anything spicy anymore. The first wetsuit is completely torn open and had to be replaced.
After Trogir I experience one day of continuous rain and hard wind. I swim 3-4 kilometers and wait on land the next day. After another long crossing I reach Split the next day, where I spend the night and of course have a look at the old town.