I run early in the morning and then again in the late afternoon, because now the heat is joined by high humidity. On the way, a fisherman gives me a Mexican flag, which I mount on my trailer, because Mexico has treated me very well so far.
After Mulegé comes one dream beach after the other. In between, a small climb. I enjoy going for a swim or a kayak during my lunch break. When I reach Loreto, a tourist town on the coast, I have already run 30 kilometres. A group of runners joins me, telling me about a dream beach along the route. But they have misjudged the distance a bit and as it gets dark the runners disappear one by one. When I finally reach the beach, it has been 58 kilometres.
It’s another 30 kilometres along the beach before an almost 30-kilometre climb, which is fierce in the midday heat. At the top, it goes into a high valley and it gets 4-5 degrees cooler during the day and cools down further at night, so I can finally sleep again. I am back in the desert until I reach Ciudad Insurgentes and Ciudad Constitution, where I am again joined by some runners.
Now I have another 200 kilometre stretch of desert ahead of me before I run into La Paz, the capital of Baia California.