I arrive in Oaxaca City, one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico. As I run through the beautiful old town, I am accompanied by many runners and an entire police detachment. The city is a hive of activity with a reception at the cathedral in the main square.
The next morning starts completely flat, with lots of company through the agave fields. This is the area where Mezcal is produced. For lunch we stop at a mezcal factory and for dinner, of course, mezcal is on the table and afterwards I am invited to the sausage fair. It is the worm of the agave plant, called gusano de maguey. It is another long day to Villa de Mitla, where there is the next reception.
In Mitla I get a beautiful shirt, which is produced here, and a bottle of Mezcal. In the evening, an invitation from friends for dinner and a guided tour of a Mezcal distillery and an Algave plantation.
In the morning, we continue on a remote mountain road.
The fellow runners leave me one by one and only one police car stays behind me and I have 4 days of peace and enjoy the beautiful nature here. have a lot again In the first and second after I always stay overnight with acquaintances of theirs. One night, when there is no village nearby, I have permission to pitch my tent in a chapel, by candlelight in front of the altar. Very special.