It gets hotter and more humid with every kilometre further down into the plain on the Pacific.
The 5 days on the coastal plain above Huazantlan are hell. I start early in the morning and run the first 30 kilometres, but it is so brutally hot that I get headaches and once even muscle cramps, which has not happened to me for years. Before Juchitan, about 15 runners accompany me. One of them, a former football player, has lost his leg after a tumour and accompanies me on crutches. His motivation is unbelievable! He is training for a marathon and actually manages 8 or 9 kilometres on crutches. In Huazantan, a complete police detachment is waiting, about 20 men in uniform, who run along for a few kilometres, singing their marching songs.
The landscape is tropical, but I never get to see the sea. The crossing into the state of Chiapas works perfectly again. The police and a TV station and some runners are already waiting. Still 30 days until Cancun.