Markus Weinberg and my father have left. Until Dubrovnic I will be alone again. The day in Trogier begins with pouring rain. I go into the water anyway, but when after 4 kilometers the waves get higher, I can’t think about getting forward anymore.
The next day the weather has calmed down. Before Split I have a 2 kilometer long crossing with lots of boat traffic. It is getting dark very early now and I don’t quite make it to Split. In the morning I swim the last kilometer to the port of Split, but I have to get out of the water because the wind is so strong again that it makes no sense to swim against it.
So I take a hotel room in Split for 2 nights.
On the day when the weather allows it again, I manage 14 kilometers along the coast. I am now in probably the easiest part of the swim course. From Split it goes 70 kilometers south. Always close along the coast, which has hardly any bays and is shielded from the open sea by the islands of Brac and Hvar. Calm water, no wind, 20 degrees and sun. Every few kilometers there is a village with a supermarket and restaurant – perfect conditions.

Meanwhile I really reached the halftime mark with 230 kilometers swum. Meanwhile 2 articles have appeared in the local press, which lead to people waving to me from the shore again and again. Once a kayaker comes looking for me.                                                                                                I pass the last bigger city, Markaska, where I take the 200 meter wide harbour entrance in a sprint. The landscape is fantastic. Crystal clear water and beaches that invite you to spend the night. At a distance of about 50 meters a group of surely 10 dolphins swims past me.

The last 5 days I was in the water for 6-7 hours each. The result is that the already healed chafing and injuries are open again. There are 170 kilometers left and I have the feeling that I am already approaching the final sprint.