Campeche is completely flat. The road goes straight for 50 kilometres. Bushes to the left and right. A crossroads or a small bend and another 50 kilometres straight ahead. Apart from a few stretches along the coast, it remains extremely boring. The daily distances vary between 35 and 60 kilometres, depending on where I can sleep. I always start in the dark at 6 am. Until 10 am it is bearable, but from 11 am the heat becomes unbearable. Sometimes I manage a complete marathon in the morning. For longer stages, I run half a marathon in the morning, then rest for 3-4 hours in a restaurant, and then run another half marathon in the afternoon, arriving at sunset.
When I reach Sabacuy, on the Gulf of Mexico, it finally gets more interesting. The road runs along the sea.
After two more long stages of 60 and 56 kilometres, I arrive in La Campeche, the capital of the state of the same name. La Campeche has a beautiful old town from colonial times. I am welcomed by the Ministry of Tourism and the media and am invited back. As I arrive already at noon, I have enough time for some sightseeing, good food and relaxation at the hotel pool.
Campeche is considered safe and the streets are wide with hard shoulders. I enjoy being my own boss again without an escort.