After Campeche it gets boring. I have to consider whether there is any highlight at all. To the left and right of the road, bushes and always straight ahead. After 3 days I arrive in Mérida, the largest city in the Yucatan. Many fellow travellers accompany me into town and once again there is a reception. The heat, which rises to 40 degrees during the day with high humidity, gets to me. I first run on the motorway and then change to a small, parallel side road. I have a police escort again, which is a good thing on the narrow road.
All the newspapers and TV have reported again and every few minutes there are cars on the hard shoulder, so I have to swerve and then stop for photos, which always throws me off rhythm. It’s all very nicely done, but it’s also annoying.
In Merida, the mayor gives me a pyramid and a palace made of stone, both weighing about 4 kilos. Very interesting.
Arrival in Cancun is Monday 01:00 pm.