I am stuck. The weather is so bad that swimming is out of the question.
My hosts Toni and Maja are only here on weekends and are on their way to Split.
Now I’m alone in the bay and on the 2nd day I start walking back to Ston, 8 km in each direction, to stock up in the nearest supermarket for the next days.
After 2 days I can finally move on. The wind is still strong, but comes from diagonally behind.
I swim around the next headland and cross a 7 km wide bay. At the end of the day I have managed 11 kilometers. It is high time to finish the swim. It is noticeably windier now and the Bora often blows from the north, bringing currents and cold.
The weather forecast looks bad again. I know that I have to go somewhere on land again the next days. I had planned to take the shorter way along the offshore islands, where everything is closed now, and now I decide to take the slightly longer way along the mainland coast.
The next day goes well at first. In the afternoon the wind picks up and after 8 kilometers I turn off at a beach to wait for better weather.
Now I sit here for 2 days. The Bora is blowing with 20 knots of wind, but for tomorrow and the day after better weather is in sight. There are still 22 kilometers to Dubrovnic. I will swim around Dubrovnic to the old town and then go ashore in the old port. It’s a stupid feeling to have to wait again so close to the finish line, but the last weeks have taught me that it doesn’t make sense to swim in too strong a wind and end up stuck on some rock.